Tigre RAWR

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Lord o Blackmail: know what i learned i really hate drawing?
RassiusAder: why?
RassiusAder: what?
Lord o Blackmail: bewbs
Lord o Blackmail: i love bewbs
Lord o Blackmail: but i cant draw them ><
RassiusAder: ( . )( . )
Lord o Blackmail: it's like
Lord o Blackmail: ok, these are circles
RassiusAder: ( o )( o )
Lord o Blackmail: but then the pose isn't straight ahead, so one has to be positioned in front
Lord o Blackmail: well, now one of them looks lopsided
Lord o Blackmail: is this one pointy enough?
Lord o Blackmail: is this one round enough?
RassiusAder: hahahahaha
Lord o Blackmail: now the nipple is off center
RassiusAder: [XD] DDDDDDDDD
Lord o Blackmail: are these too big?
RassiusAder: ask kate
RassiusAder: [XD] DDDDDDDDDD
Lord o Blackmail: big bewbs are great, but wouldnt this girl be thrown off balance?
RassiusAder: hahahahahahahaha
Lord o Blackmail: but i dont wanna make them mosquito bites
Lord o Blackmail: ah hell, i'll make this character a man
RassiusAder: problem solved
Larry Crying

So I shook an Ex-president's hand

So, I'm sure you all saw the election results, and Clinton won. Blah blah blah, I don't care how you feel about here. I personally voted for Obama. HOWEVER

As I'm sure you know, I work in the AV dept at my school, which is in New Hampshire, and I happened to be working tonight. When I pulled it, there were a lot of cars at my school, but I didn't second guess it. I chilled at work like I always do, until 10:30 when I closed the lab.

I decided to check out what the big fuss at the school was, so I checked out the gym where everything was happening. To my surprise,

Hillary Clinton was at my school.

And I didn't even know.

So I snapped some photo's and lied to a lot of people saying "Oh, yes, I voted for Hillary". I was even interviewed for a Polish Newspaper, and my god did I lie to that journalist (I wasn't trying to be mean, I just didn't wanna get maimed/raped by the Clinton fans ALL AROUND ME).

Finally, People crowded around a door, so I stepped away, and I proceeded to the exit, when I saw Bill Clinton walking towards me.

So I shook his hand.

And will now probably get AID's from it, but dammit, it was awesome.

I'm not a Hillary supporter, but I gotta show some love for Bill. He was awesome, and invited me to go to Hooters sometime.

No, not really, but that would have been amazing.
Havoc- Dear Journal...

I'm a dick, and I'm not ashamed to admit it

Lord o Blackmail: sorry to bug you
TheFallenOne14: ^^ Nah, you didn't bug me at all.
Lord o Blackmail: i could though :D
Lord o Blackmail: nyah nyah
Lord o Blackmail: I'm hitomi
Lord o Blackmail: i'm gunna go write in my LJ
Lord o Blackmail: and not cut it
Lord o Blackmail: blah blah blah
Lord o Blackmail: now i'll make a post on a forum
Lord o Blackmail: and yell at someone for making another reference to the time i traded my boyfriend for a skunk
Lord o Blackmail: nyah nyah
TheFallenOne14: XDDDD Ah, I still laugh at that.
Lord o Blackmail: :P